Will Amazon's (AMZN) stock go up?

Luiggi Trejo
2 min readSep 29, 2022
Photo by Wicked Monday on Unsplash

At the moment of this writing, the Amazon share price (AMZN) sits at $118 each. With a market cap of 1.2 usd trillion, this baby of a company has made many millions to its shareholders.

But… are you late to get into the AMZN run?

Many investors would answer;

“Yes, I am too late to buy Amazon stock price and make big, big money.”

You can say all this is true. But I believe it is not.


Because I believe the AMZN share price can go higher over the next few years.

How does a potential investor know at what price to buy or not?

The answer…

Think about this for a moment, with the profits made by Amazon and its shareholders, could Amazon stock (AMZN) have a $500 share price in five years?

Also, by that time, will the economic growth of the United States and the world be greater than it is today? The answer is yes!

But, how do we know the AMZN share price will rise?

We know it will rise because the economy, the country and the world will carry on. That being said, my dear reader, the path to a $500 share price will not be a straigth line!

So my advice (and please take it with a grain of salt) is this: wait for a dip in the price (lets say,a number between 1–3%) and then make your move.

Good luck!