Young Tiktoker gets USD $50,000 selling video greetings

There is always a price to pay!

kunno, Mexican Tiktoker

TikTok does not cease to amaze me.

Recently, a young Mexican former-unknown-boy posted a video of himself doing a brief walking, and in just a few weeks, its popularity shoots thru the roof.

Promptly, he started to post more short videos, getting more views and “Likes” and eight weeks later, he has now 14.1 million followers. He got invited into prime Mexican TV shows to perform his dancing and walking.

How to monetize that sudden celebrity status?

Well, kunno (that´s the boy handle on TikTok) started selling personal salutes. These are short videos of $50 USD apiece. Apparently, he quickly sold one thousand of them.

1,000 x $50 = $50,000

Imagine you´re a teenager and you are given the chance to have a very popular TikTok star (“influencer”) to address you directly mentioning your name. Now that´s something to brag to your (also) impressionable peers!

However, later on, kunno suspended his TikTok and issued a crying-statement saying on camera that the enormous amount of hate had depressed him.

This case reminds me that of a young Filipino programmer, creator of the very viral and popular mobile game “Flappy Bird”. Word is, he was earning around $50,000 USD each day, but due to extreme hate, he decided to take down the game. Now, years later, cellphones with that game installed are being sold on eBay at a premium.

I guess the moral here is that, if you want fame and money, you can get it, but it comes with a price.

I raise my (coffe) cup to you